Answers to a few of the questions people ask about OnStage Global Entertainment…..

Q. Your “About Us” section describes OnStage as a platform for streaming live music concerts but it doesn’t seem as if that’s what you’re doing now. When are you going to begin streaming shows?

A. Our business model is built around streaming concerts as premium content, essentially pay-per-view shows. We can do that now but we prefer to continue working to attract the partners and investments that will ensure the product we put out is closer to perfect than anything else out there. Meanwhile we probably will go ahead with some free shows just as demos.

Q. Aren’t you concerned that some other company will take your ideas about live streaming shows and run with them?

A. Not really. We don’t own the idea. We weren’t the first to come up with it and aren’t the first to act on it. It’s been around for years. On the scale we’re talking about the question isn’t who else is doing it but have they also figured out a compelling approach to marketing and viewer engagement.

Q. Why are you convinced folks in DC will pay to see a concert or show they aren’t actually attending?

A. DC is our home and we know the love of good music in this town is off the charts but DC represents a fraction of the market we want to sell to. OnStage DC has site visitors from around the world, like Eastern Europe which is strong, and China, Japan, Canada. They love this music. And we showcase videos from artists from New York and California and Pittsburg and Atlanta because we want to build brand recognition in those markets as well.

Q. What about those videos in your OnStage Video Showcase; how did you get permission to put them on your website?

A. These are all YouTube videos that link back to YouTube channels, many of which were sent to us by the artists themselves. We did a couple of them. Others we see out there and when we add them we hit the artist up to say we put the video OnStage. There aren’t many working artists who don’t want their work as widely disseminated as possible, so we get a lot of good feedback. Obviously, anybody who doesn’t think their work is good enough to be featured in the showcase can let us know and we’ll take it down right away.

Q. Do the OnStage partners have music backgrounds?

A. We’ve all been involved in music or the business of music, yes. Our webmaster also plays guitar, Khari, our co-founder is lead singer for the band Bombaye (formerly The Insurrection) and is a great music critic, Diggs started putting together shows when he was still a junior in high school and has been involved in club promotions, and James has had a fairly long hiatus before these past two years but also produced and promoted shows and briefly managed one of DC’s most popular R&B groups at the time.

Q. Are there artists or companies involved in music that you want to work with eventually?

A. Absolutely, pretty much everybody that follows us on Twitter we could see ourselves working with.

picture of Go-Go legend Chuck BrownChuck Brown. August 22, 1936 - May 16, 2012. Godfather of Go-Go
picture of JC performing at Charles Street Festival May 2012 It's always a pleasure to visit B-More, our Charm City neighbor, and doubly so when the reason is to catch our favorite acoustic duo JC performing at the Canal Street Festival. We made it just in time for the start of their set and in addition to hearing them at the top of their game we also snapped a few pics for the Everyday Style section. JC is comprised of Jenee Bevett on vocals and guitar impressario Cornell Pearce providing string accompaniment. We call Jenee our DMV Diva and his contemporaries call Cornell one of the best guitarists in the area, hands down. We added a video of JC performing live at the festival to the OnStage Video Showcase and you can find 15 photos of what folks were styling in our Everyday Style Photo Showcase

Use the links below to check out some of the more recent videos in our OnStage Video Showcase including Boobe, Black Alley, 187 & Trouble, Similar Vainez, and Yinka Diz. Hit us on Twitter @_OnStageDC with your comments on these and your recommendations for other videos you'd like us to feature.

Boobe – “Don’t Text Me”

 picture of dmv artist Boobe  

Black Alley – “Club 27”      

  picture of dmv band Black Alley 

187 & Trouble – “Ghost”     

picture of dmv artist 187        





Similar Vainez – “All That”

dmv artists Similar Vainez




Yinka Diz – “Overnight Scenario”
 picture of dmv artist Yinka Diz       

OnStage partner and music critic Khari “KayEmGee” Gzifa just dropped a review of 5 videos featured in our OnStage Video Showcase. You can check it in the video player on your right and on our YouTube channel. Khari is more than an audiophile; he’s a genuine musicologist with a broad array of knowledge across musical genres and also rocks the mike as front vocalist for local band Bombaye. Whenever you hear his critique of music you can rest assured you’re getting the best music assessment available in the DMV. So, as he says in the wrap, if you’ve got a video or think a recent video you've seen is hot, let us know. If it’s good we’ll feature it in the OnStage Video Showcase. If it’s great it may be one that he reviews next time. Contact us here or holla at us on Twitter @_OnStageDC.

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