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#ThoughtfulThursday - We Fight The Same Battles

by Khari Gzifa

You ever find yourself wondering why we fight the same battles over and over. Police brutality, discrimination, unemployment; I mean these arguments are as valid today as they were 100 years ago! With all of the attention seemingly paid to these issues over the years, certainly some progress would have been made, right? The evidence clearly answers, no.  My theory is this; we don’t put our energy in the RIGHT direction. If we put as much energy into solving our issues as we put into all of these completely trivial issues maybe we could really see some change.

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OnStage with Jenee Bevett

In the first of a series of interviews with entertainment personalities OnStage partner and music writer Khari Gzifa sat down with Jenee Bevett to discuss her career, musical influences and new projects. One of the DC area’s most interesting and dynamic performers, Jenee is a much respected artist for her musical versatility, dedication to her craft, and wide ranging connections. Her years in the business have helped her forge keen insights, a level headed approach to staying in the game and a terrific definition of what success as an artist really means.

#ThoughtfulThursday - 5 Things We Do That Get In The Way of Happiness

 by J. Francis Black

image for articleWe are all in search of the holy grail of happiness, but often hit speed bumps, do not enter signs, and detours while on our journey.  Many of these road signs and hazards are manifested within us, as we try to navigate a path to wholeness.  Below are five things that we do that may get in the way of our happiness.

1.  ‘Okay’ our pain away
How often have we endured personal crisis, faced heartbreak, or experienced deep emotional wounds, to only place a smile on our faces and tell everyone those three eternal words - “I am okay”?  When we okay our pain away, we also decide to don a mask that hides our fear of showing the world, and ourselves, that we are vulnerable.  When we were children, it was okay to cry, to express when someone hurt our feelings, and to make proclamations of anger or sadness because it allowed for our needs to be met.  However, as we grow we are taught that doing those things represents weakness, forget that there is strength in vulnerability, and fail to get our emotional needs fulfilled.  When we say “I am okay,” when we’re really not, we stop speaking our truth and a part of us feels unheard and undervalued.   When are times you've Okayed your pain away and how has it made you feel?

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#TheDownLoad v8

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