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#ThoughtfulThursday - 5 Things We Do That Get In The Way of Happiness

 by J. Francis Black

image for articleWe are all in search of the holy grail of happiness, but often hit speed bumps, do not enter signs, and detours while on our journey.  Many of these road signs and hazards are manifested within us, as we try to navigate a path to wholeness.  Below are five things that we do that may get in the way of our happiness.

1.  ‘Okay’ our pain away
How often have we endured personal crisis, faced heartbreak, or experienced deep emotional wounds, to only place a smile on our faces and tell everyone those three eternal words - “I am okay”?  When we okay our pain away, we also decide to don a mask that hides our fear of showing the world, and ourselves, that we are vulnerable.  When we were children, it was okay to cry, to express when someone hurt our feelings, and to make proclamations of anger or sadness because it allowed for our needs to be met.  However, as we grow we are taught that doing those things represents weakness, forget that there is strength in vulnerability, and fail to get our emotional needs fulfilled.  When we say “I am okay,” when we’re really not, we stop speaking our truth and a part of us feels unheard and undervalued.   When are times you've Okayed your pain away and how has it made you feel?

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OnStage with Jenee Bevett

In the first of a series of interviews with entertainment personalities OnStage partner and music writer Khari Gzifa sat down with Jenee Bevett to discuss her career, musical influences and new projects. One of the DC area’s most interesting and dynamic performers, Jenee is a much respected artist for her musical versatility, dedication to her craft, and wide ranging connections. Her years in the business have helped her forge keen insights, a level headed approach to staying in the game and a terrific definition of what success as an artist really means.

#TheDownLoad v8

image for downloading

Sophomore Slump – Nooch

Black Rock Star Super Hero Music – Head Roc

2Sides2AStory – Lyquin

Nothing Personal Just Business – Ace Uno

Y Play Wit It – Mike Brown Da Czar

Happy Belated – Chaz French

47 - Cooley

Artist Spotlight - Cooley

artist pic - CooleyWhen he reviewed Fly Rebel Society’s summer treat “reFrsh” a couple months ago Khari Gzifa called collective member Cooley a talented and conscientious emcee and noted that he was an above average rhymer. That’s high praise coming from someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of Hip Hop and raises the bar pretty high for Cooley’s debut solo project “47” which drops September 27th. After listening to the first single “Crazy” several times Khari credited Cooley with being deft with turning phrases while staying true to the track narrative. “Crazy” is a 2Pac inspired track featuring sound bites from his infamous character, Bishop from the movie "Juice".  Even though it’s distinctly better than most releases coming out of our area we get the feeling that Cooley is just jogging through his verbal repertoire with it and saving the all-out fire for what comes later. We’ll see. Looking forward to hearing the entire “47” project and we recommend you catch it too. Follow Cooley on: Twitter & Instagram

Adams Morgan Day 2014 - Thank God for GoGo!

Adams Morgan day 1Adams Morgan Day 2Adams Morgan Day 3Adams Morgan Day4

Maybe it’s just our perception but for the past few years we’ve had the feeling that Adams Morgan Day, once unquestionably the premier block party of the summer season in DC has seriously fallen off. What used to be a “can’t miss” East Coast event has kind of morphed into an afterthought. In our view much of this is attributable to subtle and some pretty obvious changes made by the organizers to make the event fit their own concept of what a festival in Adams Morgan should look like. Instead of Saturday they opt for Sunday in a football crazed town. Instead of hip hop and rockers they serve a bland menu of acts the milling crowd will barely stand still to hear. The beer trucks are a thing of the past. And now it’s a “dog-friendly” event so anyone who’d like to chill without a random animal being five feet away can disabuse themselves of that idea. When we walked through the event was so lacking in electricity and vibrancy that we were more than ready to skate, until we heard the blessedly familiar opening sounds of GoGo! 

The Chuck Brown Band saved the day for us and from what we could tell a sizable number of folks at the event. Thank God for GoGo!


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