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Adams Morgan Day 2014 - Thank God for GoGo!

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Maybe it’s just our perception but for the past few years we’ve had the feeling that Adams Morgan Day, once unquestionably the premier block party of the summer season in DC has seriously fallen off. What used to be a “can’t miss” East Coast event has kind of morphed into an afterthought. In our view much of this is attributable to subtle and some pretty obvious changes made by the organizers to make the event fit their own concept of what a festival in Adams Morgan should look like. Instead of Saturday they opt for Sunday in a football crazed town. Instead of hip hop and rockers they serve a bland menu of acts the milling crowd will barely stand still to hear. The beer trucks are a thing of the past. And now it’s a “dog-friendly” event so anyone who’d like to chill without a random animal being five feet away can disabuse themselves of that idea. When we walked through the event was so lacking in electricity and vibrancy that we were more than ready to skate, until we heard the blessedly familiar opening sounds of GoGo! 

The Chuck Brown Band saved the day for us and from what we could tell a sizable number of folks at the event. Thank God for GoGo!


#ThoughtfulThursday - Three Barriers That Create Resistance To Change

by J. Francis Black

image to accompany 3 barriers articleHow many of us have been in this situation – we make an important and life changing resolution, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, obtaining another job, developing a better attitude about life, or having better relationships with others, yet weeks after making this resolution we find ourselves stagnant, having made little change.  This may lead us to feelings of failure, guilt, anger, or futility, which often leaves us feeling worse than prior to making our resolution.  Making the decision to change can be quite easy, but going through the process of change can at times feel nerve wracking because it requires us sacrifice pieces of ourselves with the faith that things will work out for the best.  In that sense, going through the process of change can seem very risky.  Below are some barriers we build that can create resistance to change.

1.  We see our identities as tied to our old way of being
When we know ourselves as one way for so long it may be difficult to see ourselves in a different light, especially as we prepare to make meaningful life changes.  For instance, long term cigarette smokers may find it difficult to see themselves as nonsmokers because the habit is so embedded in their daily schedules, and smoking might become a coping mechanism to deal with life’s stresses.  Therefore, if they are resolved to quit smoking, they may find it difficult to do so.  Or, those that desire to change careers may be discouraged from moving into a different position if they cannot imagine themselves in a completely different field.  Which begs the question, what identities are we tied to that prevent us from accomplishing our goals and resolutions?  More importantly, what feelings and emotions are attached to our identities, and how do they hold us back? The cigarette smoker might say feelings of anxiety prevent them from quitting cigarettes, and the person that desires career change might identify a fear of failure as an obstacle to success.  Once we are able to reflect and answer these questions, it is important to thank and acknowledge who we were while preparing to become who we want to be.

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Will Rap 4 Food

10 Questions 4 ... Will Rap 4 Food

#TheDownLoad v7

 image for downloading music

Born To Ball – Skinny A

The Brady Bunch – Pap Brady

Bugatti Dreams – Rain UK

Straight To The Top – Richie P

Bobby’s World – Boblow


Welcome Howard University Class of '18

HU class of 18 students

In this photo you might be looking at a future president, doctor, architect or lawyer.  Those professions are all possible whenever speaking about an incoming class of students at Howard University. This week the esteemed Class of ’18 made its way to DC and whatever their future careers, one sure thing is we are welcoming an already sophisticated crop of tastemakers when it comes to music and fashion. The combination of DC and the diverse geographical mix of Bison campus dwellers have always been the tipping point of new fashion and musical trends. Fortunately for them, and for us, they are arriving at a perfect time to experience the best of what our city offers in music, nightlife, and fashion. #Salute!

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