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Woman holding wine glassWe’re fast approaching spring and it’s time to pull out those threads you’ve been saving for the climate change, or pull out the wallet and get your seasonal outfits together! Here are a few things to think about as you contemplate your Everyday Style look for work, leisure, dining, or just plain old showing off.


It’s all about vibrant colors and sophisticated fashion choices for 2011! Vibrant because we need captivating, stimulating colors to get the adrenaline going. And sophisticated because at its best, fashion reflects our individual growth.


So I’m recommending honeysuckle, plum, and orange as the primary colors for the suave guys and sassy ladies of the DMV. Choose a posh dress or blouse in one of these colors and rock them with jeans. Or make the trend work with slacks or a suit in these eye catching tones. Bright colors are already popping up everywhere on celebrities from Rihanna in the December issue of Vogue to Lady Gaga wherever she may be. But hey, in our city, everybody is a star so we may as well all dress the part.


Man dressed upDon’t forget sophisticated. This year we’re still sexy, but putting more emphasis on “grown.” Don’t make me make a list like I’m the Jay Z of fashion trends and say “On to the next one!” But it turns out that “less” means exactly what the definition says when it comes to what you’re wearing. Overexposure is gone. If you’re male and over 16, buy a belt! And ladies, this is our year of glamour, individuality and elegance. Anything less is so yesterday.


Remember, nothing shows our confidence, or lack thereof, like the conscious choices we make about our everyday style. Are we confident, and savvy enough to buy and wear good looking clothes while spending within our means? Nothing says we’re overcompensating for something like wearing overpriced clothes and accessories. Are we tuned into the best shopping venues that deliver affordable quality apparel in the DMV? Our area is blessed with so many fabulous boutiques and retailers that only a lack of imagination stands between looking good or looking…. Ahem!


fashionable dressed womanSo what about you, Star? What are you buying, what are you wearing, and what shops are you recommending for the spring fashion season? Post your comments and feedback here. Let’s toss it up. I’ll respond, and next week I’ll write about what you have to say and also share my observations on DC Fashion Week. Keep your eyes on the Stage!

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