It could be simple

...a perfect date...water and you and smiles and slow blinking eye lashes and cotton mouths and conversations at the speed of red

...a perfect love...holding hands until our entire bodies turn gold and water and hearts beating outside of our skin and fire and forehead kisses and sex...conversations still rare and red

...a perfect life...Paris, sex in Italy, Bali, Egypt, Chicago, New York, Greece, sex on personalized islands in Maldives, palaces to crash in, in India, one plane for you, and one for me, and a city with our name on it, creating, and conversations still

...a perfect life love, and a back yard in every house, big enough for the kids to play, and colors everywhere, and potency, and pay checks to sign, and hair to braid, and basquiat's skull hanging up in the family room and conversations in the white room

...cause this is all, too perfect    



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