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Here’s another list of websites music lovers may want to bookmark and visit frequently. http imageThey validate the theory that the marketplace of ideas is vibrant and in full swing in the DMV area.

When we first came across DMV JAMS we could see right away its creators were on to something. It’s a platform for introducing new artists and their music that’s narrowed down to a specific geographic area. Very cool, because there’s so much noise on the Internet that tons of great music is missed by an audience that would love to hear it if it were more readily available. That’s the premise, but there’s lots of other offerings on the site including their own channel.

The mission of DMV Unplugged is to increase the familiarity and knowledge of local musicians, models, athletes and fashion designers among local residents and to showcase the DMV lifestyle to a national audience. They’ve got a full team, writing about music, fashion, sports, and politics. One great feature on their homepage is a listing of the top 10 DMV songs. If you’re making music, or just love music, check them frequently for the latest updates.

The Urban Feed is sleek and stylish, beautifully designed and does an excellent job of doing exactly what it promises – feeding viewers the latest in music, fashion, and entertainment. It’s the creation of Kiki Ayers who is the CEO and is responsible for content and business aspects.

If Marcus J. Moore is the preeminent music critic in the DMV then DMV Spectrum (he’s the Founder and CEO) automatically has to be regarded as a serious destination for area music lovers. It’s got videos, links to blogs, reviews and news. Seriously cool is the beat maker on the home page. Obviously, the writing is impeccable.

From DC To BC is the website of the folks responsible for coordinating last Friday’s “Don’t Wuwwy” show at the 9:30 Club so you know they’re doing good things. Very laid back and full of info about music, events, other blogs, you name it. But focus on the events. Too many times we learn about something we missed because we didn’t know it was coming up. If you want to know in advance, this is the site.

Isreal Life Clothing Company logo

OnStage is always looking for local people and products that inspire us. We're proud to introduce and We Recommend our friends at Isreal Life. Take a look at their information...

Isreal Life is a product of positive inspiration created by a band of brothers throughout the DMV. Isreal Life is a product that acknowledges poverty around the world and the struggle to overcome all obstacles. As a movement we will help our brothers and sisters that are less fortunate than others elevate to create better opportunities in life. Isreal Life uses the ankh symbol to represent eternal life for our kings, queens, princes, and princess (meaning the people of our society). 
Our brand is a line of royalty; a way of thinking that reflects the overall lifestyle to which we aspire. You have to treat yourself as royalty to be respected as a ruler. Our brand relatively relates to the perception of reality, the past, future, and present existence of any form of the world. We want the people to realize what we have been through as a nation, and to come together as one. We also want to show that Isreal Life is willing and able to elevate to another level. We are blessed to be healthy and functional through the lords will knowing there is a way to the top no matter the trials and error.
Most important of all, Live Life!, make the best of what you have. If that’s not enough strive and set goals that will motivate your drive to accomplish your desires. Every day we face new challenges. When in doubt think of us, Isreal Life, unity’s helping hand. Isreal Life wants you to realize, elevate, and live life, enjoy the beautiful art and designs created for us all as one allowing different communities to have different notions of reality and beliefs.

 Visit Isreal Life at www.IsrealLifeClothingCompany.com

Find us on Twitter: @IsrealLife

Find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/IsrealLifeClothingCompany

Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

picture of dj If you’re planning a big event this spring or summer and need the perfect sound as a backdrop We Recommend  DJ Big Gus. Over the past 5 years DJ Big Gus has become one of the more highly sought after music mixers in the DMV area. From formal receptions to parties, cookouts, graduations and weddings, he’s well known for getting the heads bopping and the crowd on its feet. When OnStage’s favorite DJ rolls in with his full compliment of equipment a few guarantees roll in with him; an extensive music library, great sound quality, and an instinctive feel for what the people want to hear.

DJ Big Gus spins the latest in Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Go-Go. He’s been behind the table at Summer Breeze at Nationals Stadium, at Love, the Convention Center, and most recently at one of the WHCD post parties at the Grand Hyatt. If you haven’t caught one of his events the next best thing is ordering one of his specialty cd’s. Contact him through his Facebook page, or drop him an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Serene Laboratories

If you are applying for a new job, planning an overseas trip, preparing a child for school, or wondering if a new addition to your family is on the way, We Recommend our friends at Serene Laboratories for all your screening needs. In the DC area, both businesses and individuals turn to Serene Laboratories for assured test results and for their emphasis on providing the highest quality customer service. For drug screens, DNA specimen collections, pregnancy testing, and urinalysis, all in clean and comfortable surroundings, with your confidentiality assured, stop by Serene Laboratories and let them know you were referred by OnStage. They accept all major insurance and credit cards and are conveniently located in the Metropolitan Medical Center at 6323 Georgia Avenue, NW – Suite 102.


sign outside GBDGBD stands for Golden Brown Delicious and if you’re anywhere in the Dupont Circle area looking for the chillest place to eat and kick it with friends this is absolutely the eatery to choose. GBD is the home of chicken and doughnuts and if that combination initially strikes you as odd, think again, then read the fantastic reviews this place is receiving on Yelp. Basically everyone agrees that the Happy Hour is extremely affordable and a whole lot of fun, and Saturday and Sunday Brunch at GBD is definitely the place to be. Happy Hour lasts from 4:30 to 7:00 and offers $3 to $5 beers, $3 wines, a $3 punch that switches daily along with tasty treats. Brunch is 10am to 3pm with offers like chicken and waffles, bottomless Mimosas, bottomless punch and a great assortment of delicious doughnuts.
Visit GBD and your experience goes way beyond the pallet though. Cool staff, cool customers, ambience to die for. It’s a cut above for sure. Highly recommended! Keep up with them on Twitter @GBDchixndoughnuts

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