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Coffy Cafe logoColumbia Heights is seriously hip, and one of the best examples of how this neighborhood draws an incredibly diverse range of folks together is the highly regarded and very laid back Coffy Café. For coffee, crepes, conversation, and free Wi-Fi there just isn’t a similar location anything like this place. Labeling itself as a “modern café with a mod 60’s flavor” the venue has been providing space and ambiance for the cool for 3 years and is independently owned and operated. Located at 3310 14th Street, NW, Coffy is “… a place for community meetings, to unwind with neighbors, sit with a book and a latte, dine on a sweet or savory crepe or get a cupcake.”

For the uninitiated, crepes are a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour --- buckwheat and white flour at Coffy --  and served with a variety of fillings, from the most simple such as sugar to the immensely imaginative such as mango, lemon, walnuts, whipped cream with caramel drizzle. Coffey Café owner Philecia Harris was convinced by a friend to focus on crepes as her main offering and the suggestion has proven to be quite a hit.

If you love a café with great music as a backdrop this is just the place for you. The staff selects a daily playlist of music from the 60’s and 70’s that ranges from smooth and relaxing, to tap your feet, to feel like dancing, all blended as perfectly as the coffee. Coffy Café also has meeting and party space available at reasonable pricing. Stop by soon to take a look and enjoy the coffee and crepes. We highly recommend it!  Find more info at their Facebook page and follow @CoffyCafe on Twitter.

With so much recent media hubbub about new restaurants along 14th street it’s easy to forget that DC offers a countless variety of eateries to choose from. In the Adams Morgan neighborhood you can find the 24 hour spot The Diner and coffee & Wi-Fi user paradise Tryst. Travel a few minutes up from Adams Morgan to Woodley Park which has a lot of new pop up restaurants & bars and one location that many tourists make a point of visiting on their trip to DC is Open City. The Columbia Heights area is growing rapidly with new business, eateries, and retail locations. That’s where you’ll find our favorite hangout for food; The Coupe, located on 11th & Monroe Streets.

Originally imagined as a 24 hour spot for ppl to come grab delicious pancakes, eggs, hash browns, or even a great burger during a late night out, this “half a block of cool” has evolved into a unique traditional restaurant that’s seen a lot of changes since its opening. The Coupe is a French/American style restaurant/bar that has a cafe portion where you can be seated and have a traditional breakfast/lunch/dinner inside or on the patio, then if you move over on the other side of the restaurant there is an outstanding bar (#BarBar) where the happy hour rocks Mon-Fri (6pm-8pm inside or on the patio).

The ambience of The Coupe stands out. It's really laid back, with a friendly & attentive staff with a variety of backgrounds reflective of the diversity of the clientele. The Coupe offers brunch sat/sun (6am-6pm) with food specials every Wednesday of the week, typically an appetizer, a vegan & regular entree.

At Onstage #WeRecommend you check out The Coupe!

sweet mango iconThere are hundreds of reasons to never be bored (or hungry) in Washington, DC. Our city is a mixing bowl for cultured food, ethnic vibrations, music festivals, parades, and much more. If you are a foodie like me, then you appreciate hunting around greater Washington for “worth it” meals. Longhorn, Cheddars, and Olive Garden are all great, but sometimes, I want to taste oxtails that have been boiling in an oversized pot all day with thickened potatoes, and warm fluffy bread. I want to taste food from a country at the top of my vacation list. Cultured food; well thought out and precisely seasoned, cooked with love and lots of peppers.

Where is this food I’m speaking of you might ask? Sweet Mango Café located in the heart of DC just off of Georgia Avenue. This small café offers arguably the best oxtail and saltfish I’ve ever tasted. Unlike Tropicana, Sweet Mango’s food tastes genuine and true to its roots and culture. Thick accents accompany your plate of warm food. You truly feel like you are in the islands. The ambiance of the place settles in as you savor that first bite. If you’re craving authentic Jamaican or something close to it, We Recommend! you swing by Sweet Mango. The only disappointment you’ll have is when your food is all gone. 

- Gwen Coley

Life is full of disappointments, some large and others small. One thing most men will tell you they definitely don’t want on their list of letdowns is a bad haircut. That small weekly, or bi-weekly, ritual is so personal and tied to our self-image that many of us will travel to the other side of town just to get the right look. Fortunately if you live in DC you can just shoot down to 14th and U for the most satisfying shave and a haircut in the metropolitan area. Edges Barbershop at 1352 U Street NW is at the top of our list for getting that look that’s sure to enhance your #EverydayStyle!

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