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OnStage is always looking for local people and products that inspire us. We're proud to introduce and We Recommend our friends at Isreal Life. Take a look at their information...

Isreal Life is a product of positive inspiration created by a band of brothers throughout the DMV. Isreal Life is a product that acknowledges poverty around the world and the struggle to overcome all obstacles. As a movement we will help our brothers and sisters that are less fortunate than others elevate to create better opportunities in life. Isreal Life uses the ankh symbol to represent eternal life for our kings, queens, princes, and princess (meaning the people of our society). 
Our brand is a line of royalty; a way of thinking that reflects the overall lifestyle to which we aspire. You have to treat yourself as royalty to be respected as a ruler. Our brand relatively relates to the perception of reality, the past, future, and present existence of any form of the world. We want the people to realize what we have been through as a nation, and to come together as one. We also want to show that Isreal Life is willing and able to elevate to another level. We are blessed to be healthy and functional through the lords will knowing there is a way to the top no matter the trials and error.
Most important of all, Live Life!, make the best of what you have. If that’s not enough strive and set goals that will motivate your drive to accomplish your desires. Every day we face new challenges. When in doubt think of us, Isreal Life, unity’s helping hand. Isreal Life wants you to realize, elevate, and live life, enjoy the beautiful art and designs created for us all as one allowing different communities to have different notions of reality and beliefs.

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