Here’s another list of websites music lovers may want to bookmark and visit frequently. http imageThey validate the theory that the marketplace of ideas is vibrant and in full swing in the DMV area.

When we first came across DMV JAMS we could see right away its creators were on to something. It’s a platform for introducing new artists and their music that’s narrowed down to a specific geographic area. Very cool, because there’s so much noise on the Internet that tons of great music is missed by an audience that would love to hear it if it were more readily available. That’s the premise, but there’s lots of other offerings on the site including their own channel.

The mission of DMV Unplugged is to increase the familiarity and knowledge of local musicians, models, athletes and fashion designers among local residents and to showcase the DMV lifestyle to a national audience. They’ve got a full team, writing about music, fashion, sports, and politics. One great feature on their homepage is a listing of the top 10 DMV songs. If you’re making music, or just love music, check them frequently for the latest updates.

The Urban Feed is sleek and stylish, beautifully designed and does an excellent job of doing exactly what it promises – feeding viewers the latest in music, fashion, and entertainment. It’s the creation of Kiki Ayers who is the CEO and is responsible for content and business aspects.

If Marcus J. Moore is the preeminent music critic in the DMV then DMV Spectrum (he’s the Founder and CEO) automatically has to be regarded as a serious destination for area music lovers. It’s got videos, links to blogs, reviews and news. Seriously cool is the beat maker on the home page. Obviously, the writing is impeccable.

From DC To BC is the website of the folks responsible for coordinating last Friday’s “Don’t Wuwwy” show at the 9:30 Club so you know they’re doing good things. Very laid back and full of info about music, events, other blogs, you name it. But focus on the events. Too many times we learn about something we missed because we didn’t know it was coming up. If you want to know in advance, this is the site.

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