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Still deciding what outfit to wear for the next Everyday Style photo contest? Usually when people think of Spring fashion, they think of floral prints, wedge heels and pastels. Well all of that is great if you’re trying to fit in with the norm. The fashion world is ever evolving and one of the biggest things is being bold and out there. Spring is the perfect time to express this. If you’re too afraid to go out of your comfort zone of normal Spring attire, there’s good news.

Beautiful attention grabbing prints are all the rage and they’re best worn all over but a shirt is a good start. To make the best of this trend, go for light fabrics that drape perfectly over your silhouette. The key to making this work is to make sure the outfit is flattering to your body shape. Don’t be afraid to pick a print that’s LOUD. That’s the whole point of wearing it. Macy’s and JC Penny’s are sure to have what you need to create your outfit.


Now for those who are screwing up their faces to the thought of wearing prints because “it isn’t your style”, there is an even bolder trend for Spring that is unexpected. Punk has been big since the 80’s in American fashion and believe it or not, it hasn’t actually gone anywhere. Think you’re brave enough to rock safety pins and spikes? Well then, let it be known that you don’t have to go all out to make it work for Spring. Try mixing your bright colors with Punk accents like leather gloves or studs.  Punk fashion is all about being unique, laid back and having lots of attitude. My favorite store for creating a Punk rocker look is Hot Topic but it’s mostly for teens and young adults. Once again Macy’s should have what you need.

Once regular people learn not to take their own fashion sense too seriously, it can be fun and a perfect example of a person’s individuality. So whether you decide to go floral, show off bold prints or rock out in Punk, be sure to have fun putting your Spring wardrobe together.


0 #1 Charnelle Hamilton 2011-03-30 02:44
Punk sure is the way to go for me ..u so rite ima go hard core head baggin bright punk 8)

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