Yes, you are currently reading a #FashionFridays post.  How exciting is it to be back with all the OnStage readers! We have a great line-up of interviews, so let’s get right into our first feature!

I had the pleasure of meeting Hakeem one day in Adams Morgan.  For our international readers, that is an awesome area here in Washington D.C.  Hakeem is the owner of Penthouse Clothing and recently held his second pop-up shop event, hosted by Skynear Designs and sponsored by Kamasutra Vodka. Check out our interview below.


(Pictured: Myself and Hakeem)

Introduce yourself to our readers. How and why did you start Penthouse Clothing?

Welcome new #FashionFridays readers, and it’s always a pleasure, returning readers. After interviewing the Soul Garage Band Black Alley in the previous Fashion Fridays, it inspired the Fashion Fridays lesson of the week.

“… Man, I love my team, man, I love my team”-- Drake

Every stylist in the fashion industry has a team. For Fashion Fridays sake, the stylist (you) has a client (your destiny).  Although you have the vision, you have to assemble a team to assist you during certain points so that the final product is immaculate. There is no person on this planet that can accomplish any major goal without a team. Not saying you have to depend on people, but there are people in your life such as family, friends, co-workers and associates that assist you along the way.

Now the fashion industry is very cut throat, so there are some people on the team initially who won’t be on the team to see the final product (people in your life for a season). As time progresses, the team will be polished and established. Everyone knows their role on your team and executes accordingly.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend #FashionFriday Readers!

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve had a good interview so lets jump right into it.

Hailing from my hometown, the Metropolitan Area (DC, MD, VA) and for those who are unfamiliar, I introduce to my Fashion Fridays readers Kacey, Eric, Josh and Mack. 4 out of 7 members of  the soul garage band, Black Alley. This is a very talented and stylish band.  I really enjoyed interviewing them and hope my Fashion Friday readers enjoy the article and some behind the scene footage from the interview.


 Black Alley picture 1

(Photo Courtesy of Black Alley Facebook Fan Page)

First and foremost, IT’S FRIDAAAYYYYY! Second, how many of you guys missed Fashion Fridays as much as I did? Well we are back and with a very fashionable lesson. Fashion Friday readers, lets talk about something we all love…SHOES.



(Photograph courtesy of Tumblr)

In life, how many of us are going through things? Ever wish someone could just stand in your shoes for a minute to understand where you are? WE ALL DO.  Vice versa, how many of us judge others and try to wear their shoes?

When attempting to walk in someone else’s shoes a lot of negativity can occur.  If it is someone that is close, we try to understand that person’s journey but end up judging and imposing.  This can result in creating hard times in the relationship or the ending of the relationship.  It’s ok to give advice, but trying to make a decision for that person is never ok.

There are times we walk in the shoes of people we don’t even know.  A good example of this would be via social media.  There are people we don’t like or are curious about that we make it our business to find on social networks. When looking at their personal social media sites, we form opinions and judge them.  Not only do we judge them, but also we start to judge ourselves. Our self-esteem can be lowered and we start to base our appearances and behaviors off trying to walk in someone else’s shoes (shoes they probably don’t want). We lose sight of the fact we have our own shoes to wear.


Its Fridayyyyyy!!!

Spring has begun and we have had some great interviews thus far. As much as I love having a new interview for you guys every week, occasionally I like my alone time with my Fashion Fridays readers.


One of the previous Fashion Fridays articles encouraged us to stop worrying about the outer appearance and dress up the inner you.  For this week’s Fashion Fridays, I want to talk about styling The Earth.



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