WPGC radio personality Joe Clair, host of the Joe Clair Morning Show led off our series of interviews for our documentary project on the business of Hip hop in DC. His interview with MC Fran was so packed with information and insights that rather than wait to splice it for the film we decided to present it in its entirety on our home page.

From his start on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam to national notoriety hosting BET’s “Rap City” and always remembered as the last person to interview the iconic Notorious B.I.G, the native of Seat Pleasant, MD is uniquely qualified to provide a historical perspective on the music industry and give his observations on DC’s place there. He describes the attributes of successful artists, answers the question of whether local radio has any responsibility to champion local artists, and explains why Hip Hop will never reach a tipping point that leads to its demise.

This is a tour-de-force with nuggets of wisdom for music lovers, artists, and anyone with an interest in the business of music. Shout out to Joe Clair! We appreciate you for taking time to talk with OnStage.


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